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TUV A-Tyypin tarkastustodistus 50

Safety features

Our courses and tracks are inspected on daily basis by our instructors before opening the park. All the equipment (PPE) are checked after every use. Furthermore we are having an annual inspection according the standard SFS-EN 15567-1 done by independent official validated by TUV. Our Adventure park has a type-approval and CE mark. Our staff has had an official training by ERCA:n (European Ropes Course Association) licensed trainers. We also conduct other regular inspections and maintenance of the park courses and trees, as well as used equipment. Our customers are using the full body harness, helmets and communicating interconnected carabiners which allows the safe and thrilling adventure up in the trees along with understanding the Fair Play Rules.


Operating in outdoors has some limits to be considered. There are few weather conditions which assets the temporary contraindication for adventure:

– Thunderstorm

– Strong wind over 6 on Beaufort scale = 10,8-13,8 m/s

On winter time the maximum operation temperature is -10 C° (if colder park is closed)

By the exceptional weather conditions part of the adventure park or even the whole park must be occasionally closed. On those situations purchased tickets are not refunded or exchanged.

One can increase the safety on oneself and others by reading, recognizing and obeying the Fair Play Rules. We encourage all the participants to get to know all safety features before entering the adventure park in order to speed the formal entering process. Enlightened adventurer even prints and signs the approval form in advance.

Fair Play Rules