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Adventurer’s dimensions and licensing practices


“Standard of Tarzan and Jane!

In order to operate independently the safety equipment (Smart Belay system) the adventurer should be at least 100 – 120 cm tall from top to toe and 5-6 years old eager to monkey around. General requirement is that safety harness can be dressed up according the safety regulations.

On 4 children courses (low ones), we expect that all the adventurers are the crucial 100 cm tall at minimum in order to perform independently. On these lower tracks the parents are allowed to assist the small participants on the same course simultaneously. We prefer the all adventurers have at least experience of 5 years of exploring the wonders of the world.

Minimum limits:

* High courses, minimum height 120 cm, age recommendation +6-years

* Low courses, minimum height 100 cm, age recommendation +5-years

Tarzans and Janes under 15 years

– Children under 10-years, should climb with their parents and by their caring guidance.

– Children of 10 -years or older can climb more independently but need parents written permit. (permit form as on attachment;Fair Play Rules)

– Children of 15 years or more can enter the adventure by reading the instructions and signing the fair play rules.

We hope that all the participants read the Fair Play Rules through and sign the permit part as mark of understanding. This is the needed procedure in order to entrance the adventure. All this effort is only for the safety of you and all the other participants!

Fair Play Rules